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Steve Greaves

Sport Paintings

  Football / Horses / Motor Sports / Falconry & Field Sports

A series of sport paintings, some in Photorealism style, some much looser and

impressionistic. Some of these paintings were produced for exhibitions, and others

are commissioned pieces.


  Football / Soccer Paintings


David Beckham Key Chain / Key Ring

Steve Greaves - David Beckham Key Ring - photorealism sport / toy painting

Photorealism "portrait" toy painting of the 

legendary England footballer David Beckham

in the form of a keychain / keyring.


  Horses / Equestrian Paintings


The Polo Match

Steve Greaves - The Polo Match - photorealism sport oil painting

An acrylic Photorealism painting of a Polo match.

Six Polo ponies and Polo players going at full tilt.



Two Horses - Beau & Charne

Steve Greaves - Beau & Charne - Two horses watercolour painting

Watercolour equestrian portrait 

painting of two horses.



Horse Portrait Study

Steve Greaves - Horse - watercolour painting

Equestrian portrait painting of a horse.

A detailed watercolour painting.


  Motor Sports Paintings


Carl Foggy Fogarty

Steve Greaves - Carl "Foggy" Fogarty - photorealism watercolour sport painting

Photorealism watercolour painting of 4 times British 

World Superbike champion Carl "Foggy" Fogarty

wheelying his Honda motorcycle.



Ferrari Formula 1 Racing Car Studies

Acrylic Photorealism painting  of a Ferrari Formula

One (F1) Racing Car. Dynamic motor sports art.



Rally Sports Car

Steve Greaves - Rally Car - watercolour motor sport painting

Watercolour landscape painting  

with a rally sports car in action.


  Falconry & Field Sports Paintings


Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus)

Steve Greaves - Peregrine Falcon - photorealism sport bird painting

Photorealism bird painting of a female Peregrine 

Falcon, A captive bred bird of prey used for falconry.



Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis)

Steve Greaves - Goshawk - photorealism sport bird painting

Gouache Photorealism bird painting of a Goshawk, 

A captive bred bird of prey used for falconry.



Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo)

Steve Greaves - Buzzard - photorealism sport bird painting

Photorealism oil painting of a Buzzard, 

A captive bred bird of prey used for falconry.



Weimerana Gundog, Jade

Steve Greaves - Jade, Weimerana Gundog - watercolour sport animal painting

Watercolour animal painting of a 

sporting Weimerana gundog.



German Short Haired Pointer Dog, 


Steve Greaves - German Short Haired Pointer dog, Buster - watercolour sport animal painting

Watercolour painting of a German 

Shorthaired Pointer dog.



Miniature Schnauzer Dog, 


Steve Greaves - Miniature Schnauzer dog, Jack - watercolour animal painting

Watercolour animal painting of a Miniature 

Schnauzer dog as used for ratting.



Fishing at Tinsley Canal

Steve Greaves - Tinsley Canal - impressionist watercolour sport painting

An angler fishing for Carp in Tinsley canal, Sheffield.

An Impressionist style watercolour painting.






Birds of Prey

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Steve Greaves

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