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Fishing in Tinsley Canal, Sheffield

Watercolour Landscape Sporting Painting

Steve Greaves - Tinsley Canal - watercolour landscape painting

Fishing in Tinsley Canal, Sheffield                           enlarge

Watercolour on Paper 2001

8 x 6 ins

Frame: unframed

Mount: unmounted

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This Watercolour Landscape Painting depicts a scene not

far from the school at which I work. We sometimes take 

Art students to Tinsley Canal to Draw and Paint Water 

Studies and to take Photographs.


The fisherman was Fishing for Carp which grow quite large 

and are a very common fish in the area. He was using hemp 

seed and bread for bait.


I had the French Impressionist Claude Monet in mind when 

Painting this Watercolour and would like to paint a larger version 

in oils one day.


This calm scene on the outskirts of the City of Sheffield belies

the fact that a busy motorway and major centre of industry are 

just behind the viewer.



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