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Carl Fogarty Wheelying

a Honda Racing Motorcycle

Watercolour Painting

Steve Greaves - Carl Fogarty photorealism sport painting

Carl Fogarty  - "Foggy"                                 enlarge

Watercolour on Paper 1996

16 x 13 ins

Private Collection


Available as a postcard, greetings card and limited

edition print on Amazon and Ebay


4 times British World Superbike champion Carl 

"Foggy" Fogarty wheelying his Honda Motorcycle. 

He won four Motorcycling World Championships 

on Ducati Bikes but this picture depicts him as he 

rode for two seasons with Honda.


The Motor Sport Watercolour Painting is based on a 

photo from a Motorbike Magazine, possibly taken by 

Gold and Goose.


Photorealism Sports Painting Technique:

After the image was drawn, rider and bike were protected 

with art masking fluid (available from any art store) applied

with an old brush, then the background was painted in broad 

washes with a large flat brush. Then the rubber solution was 

peeled off and the details painted with a finely pointed sable 



A Signed Greetings Card of this Painting is available  click here



Carl "Foggy" Fogarty

Artwork Postcard

by Steve Greaves











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