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Weimerana Gundog - "Jade"

Steve Greaves - Weimerana Gundog , Jade - watercolour dog painting
Weimerana Gundog - "Jade"                                enlarge

Animal Painting - Watercolour on Paper 2004

10 x 8 ins

private collection


A Watercolour Painting of a Weimerana Sporting Gundog. 

This picture was painted onto un-stretched Daler-Rowney 

Langton paper which has a light texture and holds fine detail. 


The painting is done in an illustration style, and the background is 

kept is the pure white of the paper. The first attempt utilised 

a dark mottled background with paint applied with a sponge 

but it didn't work as the dog became camouflaged and lost.


A finely pointed sable brush was used to delineate the fine



A signed card is available of this painting click here






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