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Animal Paintings

Wildlife / Horses / Dogs / Sheep 

Animal Art / Wildlife Art

A series of Animal Paintings in various styles from Photorealism

to a kind of Expressionism. Some of the Pets Paintings were produced

as Commissions and others, for example the Orangutan Watercolour 

Portrait were done for my own experimentation and entertainment. 


Materials used include Oil Paints, Watercolours, Acrylics, Gouache 

and Inks on Watercolor Paper, Ingres Pastel Paper and Gesso

Primed MDF Board.



Paintings of Wildlife

Young Bornean Orangutan

Steve Greaves - Orangutan watercolour painting

Bornean Orangutan Watercolour Portrait

An expressive Watercolour Animal Portrait

Painting of a young Bornean Orangutan.



Tree Frog

Steve Greaves - Tree Frog - ink drawing

Tree Frog Ink Drawing

A black and white Ink Drawing of 

a well camouflaged Tree Frog.



Peacock Butterfly

Steve Greaves - Peacock Butterfly painting in gouache

Peacock Butterfly Gouache Painting

A life size Gouache Insect Painting of a 

Peacock Butterfly from a live specimen.



Paintings of Horses

The Polo Match

Steve Greaves - The Polo Match - photorealism oil painting

The Polo Match - Oil Painting

Photorealism Sport Oil Painting of a Polo Match.

Six Horses and Riders going at full tilt.



Double Horse Portrait

"Beau & Charne"

Steve Greaves - Beau & Charne - horses watercolour painting

Beau & Charne - 2 Horses - Watercolour Painting

A Watercolour Portrait Painting of Two Horses.



Horse Portrait Painting


Steve Greaves - Horse - watercolour painting

Horse Portrait Painting "Inca"

Watercolour Horse Portrait Painting.



Colonel John Hayes St. Leger

Steve Greaves - Colonel John Hayes St. Leger - watercolour painting

Colonel John Hayes St. Leger - Watercolour Painting

Colonel John Hayes St. Leger.

A Watercolour Portrait and Horse Painting after an

Oil Painting by British Painter Thomas Gainsborough.



Paintings of Dogs

German Short Haired Pointer Dog


Steve Greaves - Buster - watercolour dog painting

German Short Haired Pointer Dog Painting

A small Watercolour Painting of a

German Shorthaired Pointer Dog.



Miniature Schnauzer Dog


Steve Greaves - Miniature Schnauzer, Jack - watercolour dog painting

Miniature Schnauzer Dog Painting

A Watercolour Animal Painting

of a Miniature Schnauzer Dog.



Weimerana Gundog


Steve Greaves - Weimerana Gundog dog, Jade -watercolour dog painting

Weimerana Gundog Painting

Weimerana Sporting Gundog.

A Watercolour Dog Painting.


Paintings of Sheep


Sentinel Sheep

Steve Greaves - Sentinel Sheep - painting in acrylic

Sentinel Sheep Painting

A small Acrylic Landscape / Animal Painting 

of a Sheep at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.



















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