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Bornean Orangutan

Pongo pygmaeus


Enlarge: Orangutan - watercolour animal painting
Orangutan                                                  enlarge

Watercolour on Paper 1993

5 x 7 ins

private collection

Orangutan is available as a postcard and greetings card

on Amazon and Ebay and should soon also be produced

as a limited edition print.


A very loose and Impressionistic Watercolour Animal

Portrait Painting of a young Bornean Orangutan.


Watercolour Animal Portrait Painting Technique:

The Orangutan is painted using only two colours - Payne's

Grey and Burnt Sienna, The first layer was painted very

rapidly floating Watercolour Washes together using a

Wet-Into-Wet Technique. When it was dry, a few details 

were picked out using a fine Sable Brush.


This Orangutan Portrait Painting is one of my favourite 

Watercolor Animal Paintings. It was the first of several

similar attempts to paint this Baby Ape. The rest ended up

in the bin - sometimes its better to quit while you are ahead!


Orangutan Facts:

Orangutan translates as "forest person" and this Primate is 

the 2nd largest Ape - mature adults can weigh over 300lbs.

I was approached by the charity Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS

UK) with a request to donate some Prints of my Orangutan Watercolour

Painting to be auctioned at Otterburn Hall, Newcastle, and another venue

in London at the end of November 2007.

I donated a number of Signed Prints of the Orangutan Watercolour

along with some Signed Greetings Cards and also Button Badges.


You can check out the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS UK) website at:

A Signed Greetings Card of this Painting is available  click here









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