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The Polo Match

Photorealism Painting

By Steve Greaves

Steve Greaves - The Polo Match - photorealism sport oil painting
The Polo Match                                                  enlarge

24 x 20 ins

Oils & Liquin on Board 1990

Private collection

Photorealism sport painting of a Polo Match in oils

on board depicting six Polo Players and Polo ponies going 

at full speed. 


Polo is a fast and furious game played by 2 Teams of 4 players

on horseback. They use long handled mallets to score goals with

a ball in periods of play or Chukkas (Chukkers, USA) of which

there are normally 4 - 8 in a game normally lasting 7minutes each.


The Polo Match painting was commissioned by someone who 

brought me some Polo pictures from magazines to work from 

and It was bought by a friend of his who knew all the Polo 

players in the the picture.


Photorealism Painting Technique:

The picture  is painted in oils onto a white-gesso primed MDF 

board using Winsor & Newton Liquin as a fast drying medium 

allowing multiple semi-transparent glazes of oil paint to be painted 

in quick succession. 


The transparency of this oil paint and Liquin medium allows light

to  reflect from the pure white gesso ground and gives a vibrancy

to the colours.




The Polo Match


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