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Two Horses - "Beau & Charne"

Watercolour Animal Painting  

Steve Greaves - Beau & Charne, two horses - watercolour painting
Two Horses  - "Beau & Charne"                      enlarge

Watercolour on Paper 2003

12 x 8 ins

private collection

This image is available as a greetings card

and postcard on Ebay and Amazon


A Watercolour Portrait Painting of Two Horses. There is

a contrast between the dark and the light tones of the

two Horses' Heads. The mirror-effect composition creates

a symmetry and dynamism.


The style of this Artwork is more illustration than Photo-

realism Painting. The tonal areas are left without too much

blending creating interesting shapes and movement.


The dark coloured Horse is painted in shades of brown with 

light Watercolour Washes of blue-grey for the highlights. The 

lighter Horse is painted using tones of mauve-grey with hints 

of brown. The brown leather halters echo each other and act 

as a unifying element.


The paper is un-stretched Daler-Rowney Langton 140lb 

and the watercolour paints are artists' quality Daler-Rowney

and Winsor & Newton.



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