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Miniature Schnauzer Dog  - "Jack"

Enlarge: Miniature Schnauzer dog, Jack - watercolour dog painting

Miniature Schnauzer Dog -  "Jack"        enlarge


Watercolour on Paper 2004

8 x 9 ins

private collection

Jack the Schnauzer is available as a postcard on Amazon and Ebay

A Watercolour Animal Painting of a Miniature Schnauzer 

Dog. The Schnauzer breed was first registered in Germany 

and the name translates  from the German word for moustache 

which refers to the breed's distinctive facial hair.


Originally used as ratters, today they are used as companion 

dogs. The ideal Miniature Schnauzer Dog is 35cm high and 

weighs 8kg.


Watercolour Animal Painting Technique:

This is an Illustration style Artwork produced on un-

stretched Daler- Rowney Langton Watercolour Paper. 

This paper has a Not (slightly textured) surface and is capable 

of holding fine detail.


The Miniature Schnauzer Dog was painted mostly with 

Paynes'' Grey and a little Burnt Umber using a high quality 

Sable Watercolour Paint Brush. 

The background is left simple and uncluttered, the white is the 

bare paper - no white paint was used in this Animal Painting.














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