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Colonel John Hayes St. Leger

Steve Greaves - Colonel John Hayes St.Leger watercolour portrait painting

Colonel John Hayes St. Leger                       enlarge

Watercolour Portrait Painting on Paper 1988

8 x 10 ins

private collection


Watercolour Portrait Painting of Colonel John Hayes 

St. Leger (1756-1800) with his horse, wearing military uniform 

with a bright red jacket. He was Lieutenant-Colonel of the 1st 

Foot Guards and later became a Major-General. 

It is a copy of a large Oil Painting by the English Old Master

Painter Thomas Gainsborough. The Original Gainsborough

Painting was commissioned by George IV when he was Prince 

of Wales and was painted in 1782.

On the marriage of the Prince of Wales John Hayes St. Leger

was appointed Governer of Ceylon.


Painting Technique:

This Picture is painted in colour but I only have a black and 

white photocopy of it.  I think it is painted onto a heavy piece 

of un-stretched Arches Watercolour Paper. The method is 

pure Classical English Watercolour Painting built up using 

several transparent layers of Watercolour Washes allowing 

the Watercolour Paper to show through in the lighter areas. 

No opaque whites were used at all in this Portrait Painting

The hand-written notes are on the photocopy and not on the 

actual Watercolour Painting.


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