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Tree Frog

Animal Ink Drawing

Tree Frog - ink animal drawing/artwork

Tree Frog                                            enlarge

Ink on Paper 1985

8 x 6 ins

Frame: none

Mount: none

Original Ink Drawing For Sale



An Illustration Drawing of a Tree Frog blending in 

with its surroundings. The Tree Frog itself was based 

on a photo in a Wildlife book and I was looking after

the Fern-like plant for a someone who had gone on 



The Tree Frog and Fern Image was drawn in detail

with a fine Rotring technical drawing pen and then the

shapes were filled in with a finely pointed sable brush

and waterproof black Drawing Ink.


The Tree Frog is an illustration for the book Into The

Wind which was written by the Buddhist author Tashi.


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