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Peregrine Falcon

Falco peregrinus

Bird of Prey Painting

Enlarge: Peregrine Falcon - photorealism bird painting

Peregrine Falcon                                             enlarge

Photorealism Bird Painting - Gouache on Paper 1983

8 x 10 ins

private collection



Peregrine Falcon

Limited Edition Print

(500 only)

Signed by Steve Greaves


This image of a female Peregrine Falcon was my first real 

attempt at Photorealism Painting and was painted during

my final year on the Wildlife Illustration course at Dyfed

College of Art, Carmarthen, Wales and formed part of my

diploma show in 1983. 


The art college principal requested that it was displayed in 

his office and it went on to be exhibited in St. David's Hall

in Cardiff, Wales with the RSPB (Royal Society for the 

Protection of Birds) before being sold by the Fountain Fine

Art gallery in Llandeilo, South Wales.


The Peregrine Falcon in this picture belonged to one of our 

college lecturers, Dr Nick Fox, now Director of International 

Wildlife Consultants (UK) Ltd.  www.falcons.co.uk


(Check out his books shown below). He brought this Bird of 

Prey into college one day for us to draw and photograph. 

Note the injured right wing which hangs slightly lower than 

the left one, and the blue radio transmitter.


Two of my favourite books as a school boy were A Kestrel 

for a Knave by Barry Hines (dramatised in the film Kes by 

Ken Loach) and In The Shadow Of The Falcon by Ewan 



Peregrine Falcon Fact:

The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest Bird of Prey, having

been clocked at 99 - 273 mph in a stoop (dive) after its prey.


Peregrine Falcon Limited Edition Print by Steve Greaves

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Peregrine Falcon 

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