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Steve Greaves

Bird Paintings


Birds Of Prey / Garden Birds / Sea & Waterbirds / Macaws

A series of Photorealism bird paintings with various degrees of finish,

some more stylised than others. Sizes range from postcard size up to A1

(30"x20") and the mediums used are: Watercolour, Oils, Gouache, Inks 

and Acrylics on a variety of supports such as: Gesso Primed MDF 

Board, Watercolour Paper, Cartridge Paper, Corrugated Cardboard, 

Line Board, Illustration Board, and Canvas Board.


Birds Of Prey Paintings


Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus)

Steve Greaves - Peregrine Falcon - photorealism bird painting

Peregrine Falcon Painting

Photorealism Gouache Painting of a 

female Peregrine Falcon used for Falconry.



Buzzard (Buteo buteo)

Steve Greaves - Buzzard - Photorealism Bird Painting

Common Buzzard Painting

Photorealism Oil Painting of a Welsh 

Common Buzzard used for Falconry.



Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis)

Steve Greaves - Goshawk - photorealism bird painting

Goshawk Painting

Photorealism Gouache Painting of a 

Northern Goshawk used for Falconry.



Snowy Owl

Steve Greaves - Snowy Owl - photorealism watercolour bird painting

Snowy Owl Painting

Watercolour Painting of a 

Snowy Owl in London Zoo.



Garden Birds Paintings


Blackbird (Turdus merula)

Steve Greaves - Blackbird - photorealism bird painting

Blackbird Painting

Male Blackbird on a windowsill.

A Photorealism Gouache Bird Painting.



Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)

Steve Greaves - Chaffinch - photorealism bird painting

Chaffinch Painting

Photorealistic Gouache Painting of a Chaffinch 

camouflaged against grass and wild plants in a car park.




Steve Greaves - Blackcap - bird gouache painting

Blackcap Painting

A small Gouache Painting of a female Blackcap.



Water Birds & Sea Birds Paintings


Ferruginous Duck

Steve Greaves - Ferruginous Duck- photorealism bird painting

Ferruginous Duck Painting

Gouache Painting of a Ferruginous Duck 

on water viewed from above.



Mallard Duck

Steve Greaves - Mallard - photorealism watercolour bird painting

Mallard Duck / Drake Painting

A Watercolour Painting of Mallard.



Mallard Duck Study

Steve Greaves - Mallard - bird painting/study in acrylic

Mallard Duck /Drake Painting

A small Acrylic Sketch Painting of 

a Mallard Duck in Acrylic Paint.



Wood Duck

Steve Greaves - Wood Duck - photorealism ink bird painting

Wood Duck Painting

painted using Waterproof Drawing Inks.




Steve Greaves - Oystercatcher - photorealism bird painting

Oystercatcher Painting

Gouache Painting of an Oystercatcher 

on the North Devon coast.



Herring Gull on Rocks

Steve Greaves - Herring Gull on Rocks - photorealism bird painting

Herring Gull Painting

Seagull Painting in Gouache depicting 

a Herring Gull at Lynmouth, Devon.



Macaws Paintings


Rob & Macaw

Steve Greaves - Rob & Macaw - photorealism bird & portrait oil painting

Macaw Painting

Oil Portrait / Bird Painting of my brother 

Rob with a tame Blue and Gold Macaw.






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