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Northern Goshawk

Accipiter gentilis

Photorealism Bird of Prey Painting

Enlarge: Goshawk - photorealism bird painting

Goshawk                                                       enlarge

Photorealism Painting

Gouache (Opaque Watercolour) on Illustration Board 1983

12 x 14 ins

private collection


A Gouache Photorealism Bird Painting of a majestic looking  

Goshawk sitting on a bow perch bathed in early morning autumn 

light. The Hawk is alert to the movements of every passing 

bird in the sky. The Goshawk looks like a large Sparrow-

hawk and is a very efficient hunter. In North America this bird

is known as the Northern Goshawk.


It is leashed to the perch with leather jesses (seen hanging 

down) and has a bell to let its owner know its whereabouts 

when flying free after the Falconer's lure or live prey.


The gouache paint is handled like transparent watercolor 

but has a slightly gritty quality when used on the smooth 

CS10 line board. The pigment sits on the surface rather than 

sinking in. Background foliage is merely suggested.


The Goshawk belonged to Dr Nick Fox, leading Birds of Prey 

expert and author - check out his book shown below.


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