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Steve Greaves

Art Collaborations 

Artists / Writers / Sculptors / Musicians / Film Makers etc 

I have had the opportunity to work on projects with several creative 

people and organisations over the years - Artists, Sculptors etc.

producing Artwork, Photographs, and Graphic Designs.

Here are just a few of them:

Mark Hardisty - IT Geek / Video Game Coder

Mark Hardisty is an IT technician at Brinsworth Comprehensive School.

He is also the main organizer of Games Britannia - the massive retro video games

festival held in Magna, Sheffield/Rotherham in 2011.

We are currently working on an exciting video game project called Toy Factory which

a kind of updated version of the old 1980s Lucas Arts game NightShift but inspired by

modern games such as Machinarium and Vessel to name just two.

A section of this website will be dedicated to this game very soon but in the meantime

you can follow its progress by joining me on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Here's a sneak preview on Flickr:

Toy Factory Furnace - Video Game Concept Art

The Furnace - Black ink Fineliner on A4 paper.

Concept art for the exciting newToy Factory Video Game.


The Foure Fryendes / Livery & Maintenance

Foure Fryendes / Livery & Maintenance / Festival of History - Photos by Steve Greaves

Photos of Historical Re-enactments taken during 

the Festival of History event at Kelmarsh Hall in 

Northamptonshire organised by English Heritage

The Foure Fryendes / Livery and Maintenance - photos




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Temple Press / Thee Temple Ov Psychic Youth / Topy

Steve Greaves - Temple Press Book Cover Designs      Steve Greaves - Temple Press Book Cover Designs      Steve Greaves - Temple Press Book Cover Designs

Book Cover Graphic Designs.

Produced for Temple Press, part of Thee Temple Ov 

Psychic Youth (TOPY) and related to the band Psychic TV 

(PTV) and Genesis P-Orridge.

Book Cover Graphic Designs for Temple Press


Brinsworth Comprehensive School

        Steve Greaves - Brinsworth Comprehensive School - graphic design

School Prospectuses, Leaflets and other Promotional Material.

Graphic Design and Photography for Brinsworth Comp School.

Graphic Designs for Brinsworth Comp School



British Ministry of Defence

Steve Greaves - The General - photorealism portrait painting

Photorealism Portrait Painting of Lt. Gen.

Sir Garry Johnson, 10th Gurkha Rifles officially 

commissioned by the British Ministry of Defence  

(MOD) in Whitehall, London.

The General - Photorealism Portrait Painting



John Cuttriss / Art-tek  - Artist / Pinhole Photographer

John Cuttriss of Art-Tek - photo by Steve Greaves

Graphic design work for the Artist and 

Pinhole Photographer John Cuttriss.

Graphic Designs for John Cuttriss / Art-tek



Impact Magazine - Fashion, Music, Current Affairs

Steve Greaves - Impact magazine - graphics / photos

Graphic Design and Photos for 

Impact Magazine, covering fashion, 

music and current affairs. 

Includes exclusive photos of British 

Punk Rock Band The Damned.

Impact Magazine - Photos / Graphic Design



Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC )

Steve Greaves -  Wentworth Castle Xmas card design

A Christmas Card Design produced for 

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

depicting Wentworth Castle near Barnsley

to commemorate the millennium.

Xmas Card Design for Barnsley Council


Gorilla Cinema

Photographs included in the short 

film Artytecture produced by the 

award winning Gorilla Cinema.

Gorilla Cinema Photos 

(to be added shortly)


Room 13 Art Studio

Photos included in an annual report by 

Room 13, the ground-breaking Scottish 

Art Studio run by junior school students.

Room 13 photos 

(to be added shortly)


Phil Cox - Artist / Cardboard Sculptor

Phil Cox - Cardboard Sculptor - photo by Steve Greaves

Photos taken during Sculpture Workshops run by 

Artist/Sculptor Philip Cox who creates Card Sculptures 

of People and Animals.

Philip Cox Cardboard Sculptures Workshops Photos



Terry Chipp - Artist / Art Workshops

Mask Making Workshop run By Terry Chipp - photo by Steve Greaves

Photos taken during educational Sculpture Workshops  

run by Artist/Sculptor Terry Chipp who creates Sculptures 

of Masks and People etc. using Mixed Media including

Modroc, Willow, and Tissue Paper.

Terry Chipp Educational Sculpture Workshops Photos

(To be added shortly)


Tashi Thondup - Buddhist Writer

Steve Greaves - Into The Wind - illustrations

Illustrations for the Book Into The Wind

written by Buddhist author Tashi Thondup which 

is being published here for the very first time.

Into The Wind - see the Book


Ken Loach - Film Director - Looks And Smiles

Ken Loach's Looks and Smiles Film Poster

Ken Loach is the Director of such films as Kes and Cathy Come Home.

When I was an Art Student at Barnsley School of Art in 1979-1981 I was

one of a group of students who were chosen to be extras in the film

Looks and Smiles. I was in the audience in the cinema scene and also

played the part of a customer in the cafe scene where the main actors went

after going to the cinema. (I had a small speaking part ordering a plate of

chips but I think that bit ended up on the cutting room floor!).

A couple of years earlier I was short-listed in school to be auditioned for a

lead role in a Ken Loach film but production was held up because of financial

reasons and I never got the chance to audition.

The film Kes was filmed in my home town of Barnsley.

Ken Loach - Film Director


Simon Kent - Sculptor

Simon Kent, Sculptor - photo by Steve Greaves

Simon Kent, Sculptor.

Photos taken during sculpture workshops led by Simon Kent at Brinsworth

Comprehensive school.

Simon Kent - Sculpture Workshops photographs to be added shortly...


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