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Kelmarsh Festival of History


Photos of Historical Re-enactments



English Heritage Festival of History 2007


Photographs of Historical Re-enactments taken at The Festival of 

History which took place at Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire 11-12th 

August 2007. The event was organised by English Heritage and is the 

biggest event on their annual calendar. The massive event covered events

in history from the Iron Age to World War Two and included Roman

Camps, and many Battle Re-enactments.


I spent the weekend as a guest of Penny Robinson's Foure Fryendes*

Medieval 15th Century Re-enactment group, living in their authentic 

Medieval campsite. You can see by the photos that there were plenty

of colourful characters there and a wonderful atmosphere.


All photos Copyright Steve Greaves.

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Roman (43-410) Re-enactments 

Roman Legionary Soldiers - photo by Steve Greaves    Roman Legionary Soldiers - photo by Steve Greaves    Roman Legionary Soldiers - photo by Steve Greaves

Roman Legionaries of the Ermine Street Guard Re-enactment group

recreating the Roman Army which invaded Britain in 43AD.

Norman (1066-1216) Re-enactments 

Norman Re-enactment group Conquest - photo by Steve Greaves

Living History Norman period Re-enactment group Conquest.


Medieval (1216-1485) Re-enactments 






Living History Re-enactment groups Foure Fryendes, Livery and Maintenance

and Destrier Mounted Knights with a Medieval Falconry display.


Stuart (1603-1714) English Civil War Re-enactments 





Georgian (1714-1837) Re-enactments 






18th Century Living History Re-enactment groups play out the Battle of Kelmarsh.

Smugglers terrorise the village but are defeated by the King's Redcoats

Kelmarsh Hall can be seen in the background.


Modern 20th Century (1901-Present) Re-enactments 





84 year old Doug Gregory of Living History Royal Flying Corps Re-enactment 

group Flyboys of WW1. 9 planes including Monoplanes, Biplanes and Triplanes 

took part in mock dogfights over the show arena.

US Army WW2 Re-enactors work on their Jeep and rest in the shade.


Mixed Periods Re-enactors




*Foure Fryendes are part of the Livery and Maintenance Historical Re-enactments group.








Photographs by

Steve Greaves

on Flickr

Steve Greaves' Re-enacting photoset Steve Greaves' Re-enacting photoset






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