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Copyright Matters

Use of Images & Text from www.SteveGreaves.com

1. Business Use

Steve Greaves always welcomes new offers from publishers and individuals

who wish to use images / text from this website for profit / business use.


Please remember that misuse of copyright is illegal.

Steve Greaves owns the legal copyright 

to all artwork and text* on this website. 

If you wish to use any images / text from this website 

for profit and/or business purposes you MUST

have the permission of the artist to do so.

Contact the artist Steve Greaves for permission to use artwork / text



25 of my photos are available to license exclusively through Getty Images

and cover mainly natural history subjects such as birds, animals, bonsai trees.

Here is a link to my set which is part of the Getty Images Flickr Collection:

Steve Greaves Getty Images Photos on Flickr

Getty Images has a very effective team of lawyers and will bill anyone using

my images improperly, i.e. without their permission.


Please report any organisation or individual you may suspect 

of using Images / Text from this website without permission.

Contact the Artist Steve Greaves

Thank You!


2. Reviews

I am happy for images and text from this website to be used in magazines, 

newspapers and online reviews.

Please credit Steve Greaves when any text and/or images are used,

and add a link to this site using the following information:

Title:  Steve Greaves Photorealism Paintings

URL:  http://www.stevegreaves.com

Description:  Portraits, Landscapes, Wildlife, Sport and Toy 

Paintings in Photorealism, Impressionism and Expressionist 

styles using Watercolors, Oils and Acrylics. 


Please contact Steve Greaves saying where 

you have used any Images / Text

Contact the Artist

Thank You!


3. Personal Use

Please remember that Steve Greaves is the legal copyright owner

of all artwork and text* on this website. 

I am happy for individuals to download and use any images / text

from this website for personal non-profit use.

Please let me know how you have used the images / text:

Contact the Artist Steve Greaves.


If you wish to use any images / text for profitable purposes please refer to the

business use section above and Contact the Artist Steve Greaves.

Thank You!



*A small number of images on this site belong to other artists

therefore they are the rightful owners of the copyright of those images

and have been given due credit wherever possible.





Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree (Pinus thunbergii)

Steve Greaves Bonsai Tree

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Steve Greaves

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Steve Greaves uses

Nikon D300 Camera.

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