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IMPACT magazine

Graphic Design / Photography


During the mid 1980s I was involved 

with Impact Magazine as a Graphic 

Designer and Photographer

The magazine was started by editor 

Jon Ashwell and was based originally

in Carmarthen, South Wales and later 

in Swansea and Cardiff.


Impact Magazine Graphic Design    

Impact Magazine - Graphic Design


To The Damned

Punk Rock Band The Damned - Photos



I was involved in a few fashion shoots 

and got to photograph a number of live 

bands and musicians including The 

Damned, Gary Numan, Nico (Velvet 

Underground), Doctor & The Medics,

Darshan, Amazulu etc.


The Graphic Design & Layout was done the 

hard way. Typesetting was done by a repro 

company and we cut and pasted the whole lot 

by hand often working all through the night to 

meet printing deadlines. Impact Magazine 

never owned a computer in the early years!


The Photos were sent out to be reproduced 

as half-tones in black & white and they 

too were pasted into the pages by hand. 

Any mistakes were covered with Tippex.


The early copies had a rough and ready

fanzine type appeal and were prized by 



All the images shown here were scanned 

directly from early copies of Impact Magazine

which were never very well printed - hence the 

low quality.


Impact Magazine is no longer in publication.



To be added soon:


Gary Numan photos


Fashion Photography














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