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John Cuttriss / Art-tek

John Cuttriss of Art-Tek - photo by Steve Greaves

John Cuttriss is a contemporary British 

Multi-Media Artist. His Artwork mainly 

deals with childhood, and personal spaces, 

in the form of Pinhole Photography and 

enclosed Gallery Gallery Installations.


John Cuttriss  recently formed Art-tek, to promote 

his Artwork and his creative projects within education.


The Graphic Design examples shown here show 

corporate identity solutions including  for a letterhead, 

compliment slip and a folding business card.


The circular devices in the Designs represent spy-holes 

which are an integral part of some of his enclosed Art 

gallery Installations.


I have also photographed a number of John Cuttriss's 

workshop sessions within the school environment.


Enlarge Art-tek letterhead

Letterhead Graphic Design




Enlarge Art-tek compliment slip

Compliment slip Graphic Design




Enlarge Art-tek business card

Folding business card Graphic Design



Check out the John Cuttriss / Art-tek website  www.art-tek.co.uk













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