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Toy Factory

Designs for a new Video Game


Steve Greaves - Artist                                           Mark Hardisty - Game Coder


Mark Hardisty is an IT technician at Brinsworth Comprehensive School.

He is also the main organizer of Games Britannia - the massive retro video games

festival held in Magna, Sheffield/Rotherham in 2012.

We are working together on an exciting new video game project called Toy Factory which

a kind of updated version of the old 1980s Lucas Arts game NightShift but inspired by

modern games such as Machinarium and Vessel to name just two.


This section of my website will be dedicated to this game but in the meantime

you can follow its progress by joining me on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.


Here are some sneak previews on Flickr:

Toy Factory Furnace - Video Game Concept Art

The Furnace - Ink on Paper - Size A4


Industrial Platforms on Grey

Industrial Platforms - Ink & Coloured Pencil on Paper & Digital



Toy Factory Video Game - Plan of Level 1: Power Infrastructure

Power Infrastructure - Digital using Quark Xpress

(after a pencil sketch by Mark Hardisty)



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