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Wentworth Castle

Winter Landscape Painting in Acrylic

Steve Greaves - Wentworth Castle - landscape painting in acrylic
Wentworth Castle                                                    enlarge

Acrylic on Paper 1999

12 x 8 ins

Barnsley MBC collection


This Landscape Painting in Acrylics was commissioned 

as a Christmas Card Design for Barnsley Metropolitan 

Borough Council. Wentworth Castle is in Stainborough, 

Barnsley and is now used as a College.


The mile wide laser halo visible in the sky was intended to 

be projected above Barnsley town centre to celebrate the 

millennium and the re-making of the town. I don't think it 

was ever projected in real life.


The completed Painting of Wentworth Castle  had some 

figures in the snow. Ideally I would like to have worked on a 

much larger scale and spent more time on it, but the Artwork 

was required A4 size and had to be done very quickly.


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