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Steve Greaves Graphic Design

For Psychic TV & Temple Press

Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth (TOPY)

Book Cover Graphic Designs


Psychic TV: 

Industrial / modern Psychedelic Music ensemble

and purveyers of downright weirdness. Partly born out of 

Independent industrial music experimentalists Throbbing Gristle.


Temple Press:

I submitted some artwork to Temple Press, the publishing arm of 

Thee Temple Ov Psychic Youth (TOPY) and was invited by Words, 

the editor / publisher to produce graphic designs for a number of book covers.

The books were published by Temple Press in 1991/1992 and are now out of

print and highly collectable.


Steve Greaves - Ratio:3 Media Shamans - book cover design

Ratio:3 Media Shamans - Book Cover Graphic Design 


Steve Greaves - Ratio:3 Trans:Mediators - book cover design

Ratio:3 Trans:Mediators - Book Cover Graphic Design 


Steve Greaves - Rhythmajik - book cover design

Rhythmajik by Z'EV - Book Cover Graphic Design



Psychic TV T-shirt design:

After seeing these book cover designs, Genesis P-Orridge

the Psychic TV front man, (also of Throbbing Gristle)

asked if I would design a T-shirt for their forthcoming tour 

of the USA. I did the artwork but I am not aware of whether 

it was ever used. I have no images of this design, which

featured a diagram of the atomic structure of the Ecstasy

drug and the slogan: "Fetish before Function".


Psychic TV have been mentioned in the Guinness

World Records book as the band who have released

the greatest number of albums in the shortest period 

of time.


Temple Press website link:  www.permuted.co.uk











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