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General Sir Garry Johnson

Oil Painting by Steve Greaves

Steve Greaves - The General - photorealism portrait oil painting

General Sir Garry Johnson                             enlarge image


Photorealism Portrait Painting - Oil & Liquin on Board 1999

14 x 16 ins

British Ministry of Defence (MOD) collection.


An Official Military Portrait Painting of Lt. Gen. Sir Garry 

Johnson, KCB OBE MC, Colonel of the 10th Gurkha Rifles

Regiment. It was commissioned by the British Ministry of 

Defence (MOD) who sent me a number of Official Photographs 

to work from.


This Military Portrait is Painted in Photorealism Style.

Originally the background was painted a steely blue-grey 

colour which gave the picture a high-tech modern feel - Sir 

Garry Johnson reminded me of Captain Jean-Luc 

Picard commanding the Starship Enterprise in  the

Science Fiction TV series Star Trek.


Photorealism Portrait Painting Technique

The picture is painted onto a White-Gesso Primed MDF 

Board. The Oil Paint is mixed with Winsor & Newton 

Liquin - a fast-drying medium allowing semi-transparent

layers of paint to be overlaid in quick succession. The 

Painting was created over several weeks - some areas of 

the image received up to 6 layers of Oil Paint. The white 

gesso was allowed to show through in some of the lighter 

areas almost like a Watercolour Painting. I used Winsor 

& Newton Sceptre Gold Brushes to Paint this 

Photorealism Military Portrait Painting.


However the MOD sent the Picture of Sir Garry Johnson 

back for revisions. They wanted the background changing 

to brown to match other pictures in their collection, also 

the badge on his left sleeve had to be added as he had 

been decorated again during the time it took me to Create

the Portrait Painting .


This is the best image currently available of the Portrait

Painting of Sir Garry Johnson which I believe is now in the 

Officer's Mess of 1RGR in Sir John Moore Barracks, 

Shorncliffe, Folkestone, England, UK.


I'm sure I once saw the Painting on TV in a programme about 

the Gurkhas leaving Hong Kong - it was on the wall behind 

an officer who was being interviewed as he was packing away 

crockery into boxes.



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