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New Paintings & Prints

New Paintings / Paintings in Progress / New Prints

The images on this page show new paintings created after my renewed

interest in Photorealism Painting after studying the books of Louis K. Meisel  

the American gallery owner and promoter of the Photorealism art movement.


Little Owl - Bird Oil Painting

Little Owl (Athene noctua)

I have been working on this new painting of a Little Owl (Athene noctua)

for a few weeks and I am pleased with its progress. He needs something to

perch on so I've been collecting some bits of old branches but I'm not sure

which to use yet. The background will be darkened after the perch is painted

then the bird will receive some finishing touches.

The painting is approx 9.5" x 12" on gesso primed hardboard which makes

the owl about life size (or just a fraction under).

Watch out for the soon-to-be-added page showing the whole sequence of

progress from drawing to finished artwork!

Wren - Watercolour Bird Painting

Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes)

Here is a life-size study of a Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes).

It needs a few finishing touches but the background will probably remain white.

This is a warm-up for bigger things to come...

A series of Art Postcards.

Here are just some the titles in print :

No.1 - Whitby Abbey

No.2 - Trafalgar Square, London

No.3 - Darfield Church

No.4 - Ryedale Blue

No.5 - Peregrine Falcon

No.6 - Goshawk

No.7 - Wentworth Church in the Snow

No.8 - Baby Orangutan

No.9 - Ryedale Autumn (North Yorkshire Moors)

No.10 - Local Shop

No.11 - Two Horses

No.12 - Snowy Owl

No.13 - Doncaster Market

No.14 - Buzzard

No.15 - Buzzard (XL size)


There are now well over 50 cards to collect!.

Available to buy on Amazon and Ebay.

Only 100 copies are being printed of each image so why not start

collecting now as demand is expected to be high!

You can find them here: Steve Greaves Art Postcards

Red Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree Leaves

Red Japanese Maple Bonsai Leaves Painting by Steve Greaves

Red Japanese Maple Tree Leaves.

A botanical Photorealism painting in watercolour

with an airbrushed background in gouache paint.

My first ever painting using an airbrush.


Rutt Moose Plastic Disney Toy

Rutt Moose - Watercolour Toy Photorealism Painting - Steve Greaves


Rutt the Moose from Disney's Brother Bear

animated film. A watercolour painting of a plastic

Moose given away free in a pack of Nestle cereal.

Rutt Moose  - Watercolour Photorealism Toy Painting


David Beckham Key Chain / Key Ring

Steve Greaves - David Beckham Keyring - Photorealism Toy Painting

David Beckham Key Chain / Key Ring

This portrait toy painting is the first in

a series of larger than life Photorealism toy paintings.

David Beckham Key Chain  - Photorealism Toy/Portrait Painting




Steve Greaves - Carly - photorealism portrait painting

Carly, portrait of an art student

Photorealism portrait painting

in acrylics.

Carly - Photorealism Portrait Painting


German Short Haired Pointer Dog "Buster"

Steve Greaves - Buster - watercolour dog painting

Buster the German Short Haired Pointer dog.

A watercolor animal painting.

Buster - Watercolour Dog Painting



New Paintings in Progress

Here are previews of new paintings in progress.

They can be reserved and purchased in advance 

at a special pre-completion lower price.

Steve Greaves - Original Paintings For Sale


Dock Leaf in the Grass

Steve Greaves - Dock Leaf - photorealism watercolour painting

A highly detailed botanical watercolour 

Photorealism painting.

Dock Leaf - Photorealism Botanical Painting


Signed Greetings Cards of these new paintings are available click here




Bird Prints



Whitby Abbey



Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree (Pinus thunbergii)

Steve Greaves Bonsai Tree

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Paintings Book 

by Louis K. Meisel




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Bugsey Art Print
Kleemann, Ronald
16 in. x 20 in.
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Richard Estes

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