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Dock Leaf in the Grass

By Steve Greaves

Rumex obtusifolius


A painting in progress.

Steve Greaves - Dock Leaf - photorealism watercolour plant painting        
Dock Leaf  (unfinished)                        enlarge image

Watercolour Photorealism Painting on paper 2007

14 x 21 ins

Frame: unframed

Mount: unmounted

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This Dock Leaf  painting is the most complex Photorealism

watercolour botanical painting I have so far attempted. It

is a homage  to Albrecht Durer's Large Turf of Grass,

and painted in a contemporary style which makes full use of

modern photography as reference material.


Basic blue-greens are being used for the base layers of 

colour in this Photorealistic painting - yellows, browns,

blues and purples will  be added at a later stage. The darker

areas of the painting have already had three or four

watercolour paint washes using a size 5 sable brush. 


Dock Leaf is painted on an un-stretched heavy sheet of

Saunders Waterford hot-pressed watercolour paper

(smooth texture)


The species depicted is the Broad-Leaved Dock which is a

British wildflower normally considered to be a weed.

Famously, If you are stung by a stinging nettle, a Dock Leaf

rubbed on the affected part will ease the pain.


See how the Dock Leaf Photorealism painting was done:

Dock Leaf - Photorealism Painting Technique


Note: The image shows the unfinished painting.




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