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Steve Greaves

Plants, Trees & Flowers Paintings

Botanical Paintings

Trees / Wild Flowers / Garden Flowers 

Botanical Art / Flower Art / Trees & Leaves

A series of Botanical Paintings ranging in style from Photorealism / 

Hyperrealism to Impressionism / Expressionism in Watercolours and 

Acrylics using Watercolor Paper and Gesso Primed Board as supports.


Paintings of Trees & Leaves

Japanese Maple Bonsai Leaves

Japanese Maple Bonsai Leaves Painting - Steve Greaves Photorealism Paintings

A Photorealism Painting of Japanese Maple Leaves

with Airbrushed gouache background and watercolour leaf

detail showing autumn colouring.

Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) Red Bonsai Tree Leaves.


Wild Flowers Paintings 


Dock Leaf in the Grass

Steve Greaves - Dock Leaf - photorealism watercolour plant painting

A Photorealism Watercolour Painting 

of a Dock Leaf amongst wild grasses.



Primrose Flowers

Steve Greaves - Primroses - watercolour flower painting

A Victorian Style Watercolour Painting 

of English Primroses.




Garden Flowers Paintings


Purple Border Plant

Steve Greaves - Purple Border Plant - flower painting in acrylic

A small Acrylic Flower Painting in 

a semi-abstract style.




White Lily Flower 1

Steve Greaves - Lily 1 - watercolour flower painting

A Classical Style Watercolour Flower Painting 

of a white Lily (first version).




White Lily Flower 2

Steve Greaves - Lily 2 - watercolour flower painting

A Classical Style Watercolour Painting 

of a white Lily (second version).


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Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree (Pinus thunbergii)

Steve Greaves Bonsai Tree

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