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Primroses Watercolour Painting

Primula vulgaris


Steve Greaves - Primrose - watercolour flower painting

Primroses                                                       enlarge

Watercolour on Paper 1988

5 x 6.5 ins

Collection of Ruth Fletcher

Available as a postcard and greetings card

on Amazon and Ebay


A Watercolour Painting of Primrose Flowers, sometimes

known as English Primroses. I don't remember what image 

was used as reference for this painting but I was attempting 

to evoke a kind of Victorian Watercolour Painting feel in

the picture, something like the Art of the English Pre-

Raphaelites, John Everett Millais and William Holman 



The Primrose is a fairly common Wildflower in Britain.

It is a shade loving plant which Flowers in Spring.


Watercolour Flowers Painting Technique:

The Paper is something like Daler-Rowney Langton

140lb with a Not surface (slight texture, not smooth),

which wasn't stretched beforehand as no heavy Washes 

of  Watercolour Paint were used. The Pencil Drawing 

was allowed to show through and become part of 

the character of the picture. The Watercolour Paint was

applied quite dryly in what is known as Drybrush 

Technique, a method favoured by the American Realist

Painter Andrew Wyeth.


This Primroses Flower Painting is framed in English Oak.













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