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Steve Greaves


Landscape Paintings 

British Landscapes - English / Scottish / Welsh

A series of Landscape and Townscape Paintings painted in looser styles 

associated more with Impressionism and Expressionism than with Photorealism. 

The Drawing is gestural and the paint is applied spontaneously with a certain 

amount of freedom and experimentation with the qualities of the various Media.

The Other Landscape Paintings are painted using Watercolour, Acrylic,  

and Gouache on Watercolor Paper and Gesso Primed Board.


Garrick Theatre, London

Steve Greaves - Garrick Theatre, London - Watercolour & Ink Painting.

Watercolour & Ink Landscape / Townscape 

Painting of the Garrick Theatre in London with

palm tree, ticket kiosk, motorbikes and figures.



Local Shop

Steve Greaves - Local Shop - watercolour landscape painting

A spooky shop in the middle of nowhere. Moody 

Watercolour Landscape Painting based on the 

TV Comedy Series The League Of Gentlemen.



Ratcliff On Soar Power Station

Steve Greaves - Ratcliff-on-Soar Power Station - landscape painting

Ratcliff-On-Soar Power Station. 

Impressionist Style Acrylic Painting.



Railway Shed, Carmarthen

Steve Greaves - Railway Shed, Carmarthen - landscape oil painting

An old disused Railway Shed in Carmarthen, 

South Wales. A Landscape Painting in Oils.



Trafalgar Square, London

Steve Greaves - Trafalgar Sqare - landscape painting in ink & watercolour

Trafalgar Square in the centre of London in winter.

A Cityscape Painting in Ink and Watercolour. 



Scottish Highlands

Steve Greaves - Scottish Highlands - landscape painting

A Highland Landscape Scene in Scotland. 

A small Impressionism / Expressionism Acrylic 

Scottish Landscape Painting. 



Sentinel Sheep

Steve Greaves - Sentinel Sheep - landscape painting

A Sheep at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West 

Bretton. A small Acrylic Landscape Painting. 



Kinver Edge

Steve Greaves - Kinver Edge - watercolour landscape painting

Heathland at Kinver Edge in autumnal colours.

A loose Watercolour Landscape Painting.



The Old Court Brewhouse

Steve Greaves - Old Court Brewhouse - landscape painting in ink & watercolour

A Pub in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

An Ink and Watercolour Townscape Painting. 


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Trafalgar Square

London Postcard


Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree (Pinus thunbergii)

Steve Greaves Bonsai Tree

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Whitby Abbey Postcard


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