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Garrick Theatre, London

Ink & Watercolour Painting

Steve Greaves - Garrick Theatre, London - Watercolour & Ink Painting

Garrick Theatre London                                        enlarge

Watercolour & Ink on Paper 

6 x 4 ins

Frame: Black with Antique Gold effect

Mount: White

private collection

Available as a Postcard on Amazon and Ebay


A Watercolour and Ink Painting of the Garrick Theatre 

in London. The Painting is based on a Photograph taken 

during a visit to London to view Paintings in Famous Art 

Galleries such as the National Gallery and the V&A.

You can just make out a line of motorbikes with passers-

by behind the palm tree and a grey-domed ticket kiosk.


Painting Technique:

The Drawing was rapidly Sketched using a fine black

Pigment Pen with Waterproof Ink onto Watercolour Paper.

Watercolour Paint was applied using very loose Washes

letting the Paper show through in parts to give a sparkling

play of light. Masking Tape was used to protect the edges 

of the Picture





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