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Local Shop

Watercolour Landscape Painting

Steve Greaves - Local Shop - watercolour landscape painting

Local Shop                                                          enlarge

Watercolour on Paper 2001

6 x 4 ins

Frame: unframed

Mount: white



Available as a postcard and limited edition print

on Amazon and Ebay


This Watercolour Landscape Painting is a loose 

interpretation of the Local Shop in the fictitious

village of Royston Vasey in the British TV Comedy 

series The League of Gentlemen. It is on the moors, 

kind of spooky and not somewhere you would want 

to visit alone.


The Landscape was drawn and painted from memory

(no photos involved). The sky is ominously dark and

the whole scene is painted in damp earthy colours.

The windows resemble sinister glinting eyes, and

the painting is signed in blood red paint.


A Signed Greetings Card is available  of this Painting  click here











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