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FLITTERBAT - The Video Game



Welcome to the new FLITTERBAT page!


Flitterbat - The Video Game - Splash Screen


FLITTERBAT is a new video game in the making.

For much more info visit the main website - FLITTERBAT.com

where you can try out a free-to-play pre-release demo of the game.


Flitterbat - The Video Game - Main Page Screenshot



Here is a character from the FLITTERBAT game which should hopefully

be available sometime in 2014 as a free download, first for PC and Android then

later on for IOS and other platforms.

        FLITTERBAT - The Video Game - Exotic Caterpillar

      An Exotic Caterpillar, yesterday.


Just one of the myriad of collectable bugs which inhabit the rocky crevices of the

first cave level. The bat can catch them all and they are worth 1 point each.


Flitterbat - The Video Game - Cave Line Drawing

A line drawing sketch of the Flitterbat cave. Drawn with a black ink fine-liner pen.

The bat has to manoeuvre around the rocks without hitting them - if he does you lose

all your points and are returned to the start of the level to try again!



FLITTERBAT - The Video Game - Cave Level

This screenshot shows the Cave Level of the Flitterbat game in its early development.

Built in Unity3d state-of-the-art game development software, the level is shown before

any cave artwork was added. The main bat character was just a white silhouette

at this stage.





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