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Steve Greaves  Biography

Artist / Painter / Photographer / Graphic Designer

Born 1963 - Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England, UK. 



1981 - 1984

Dyfed College of Art, Carmarthen, Wales, UK.

Wildlife Illustration - National Diploma.

Grade:- Distinction.


1979 - 1981

Barnsley School of Art, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England, UK.

General Education through Art and Design.

A-levels in Art, History of Art, Theatre Design, Printmaking.


1974 - 1979

Broadway Comprehensive School. 

Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England, UK.



Steve Greaves 2000 photo - photographer unknown

1994 - present

Art Technician / Graphic Designer / Photographer.

Brinsworth Comprehensive School, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK.


1984 - 1994

Self-employed Artist / Graphic Designer / Photographer.


Art Exhibitions


1990 - 2009


South Yorkshire Open Art Exhibition.

Cooper Gallery, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Joint Exhibitions.


Darfield Museum & Heritage Centre.

Darfield, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Solo Exhibition.


Swinton Lock Adventure Centre Gallery.

Swinton, South Yorkshire.

Solo Exhibition.


Darfield Library.

Darfield, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Solo Exhibition.


Wombwell Library.

Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Solo Exhibition.


Barnsley & District Art Society.

Barnsley Library, Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Joint Exhibitions.


Barnsley & District Art Society.

Cooper Gallery, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Joint Exhibitions.


1980 - 1990


RSPB - Birds in Art in Wales.

Saint David's Hall, Cardiff, Wales.

Joint Exhibition.


Llanelli Visual Arts Society.

Llanelli Library, Llanelli, Wales.

Joint Exhibition.


The Old Taylor's Gallery

Brechfa, Wales.

Joint Exhibition.


Other Interests


Steve Greaves - Bodybuilder age 20

Steve Greaves - Bodybuilder


I am named after Steve Reeves, the legendary 1950s 

bodybuilder and Hercules film actor. My dad was a 

great fan so it was inevitable that I would take up bodybuilding 

& weight training and I sometimes train at Temple Gym in 

Wombwell, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire. 

I won 3rd place at the NABBA  Mr West Wales under 21s

Bodybuilding Contest in Carmarthen in 1983, and was 4th 

at the NABBA Mr Wales under 21s in the same year.

More Steve Greaves Bodybuilder photos




This silver 600cc Yamaha Fazer FZS600 (95bhp 1999 model) is my fourth motorbike,

the others being a 50cc Honda Melody scooter, a 100cc Honda H100S and a 250cc

Suzuki TU250XV.

Yamaha Fazer FZS600 Motorbike, Side View

Yamaha Fazer FZS600 motorbike.

Photo by Steve Greaves



Giant African Land Snails:

Giant African Land Snails - photos by Steve Greaves

In the summer of 2007 I was given an adult Giant African Land Snail.

I named him "Arnie" after the Bodybuilder and action film star Arnold

Schwarzenegger. The big snail is around 4 ins long. "He" promptly 

laid a clutch of around 60 eggs, two of which survived and are thriving. 

A month later came the second batch of 70ish eggs - most of which 

hatched. A third clutch was laid about one month after that. Surprising

as Arnie has been kept in a tank on his own. Giant African Land Snails

are hermaphrodites i.e. have both male and female reproductive organs

(although you need two snails to breed) and have the capacity to have 

produce clutches of eggs in instalments.

Pictures of Giant African Land Snails



Bonsai Trees:

I have a small collection of Bonsai Trees, some bought as part-trained trees, some

grown from seeds and cuttings, some rescued from the wild and others given to me by

friends and family. I have uploaded photos of many of them to Flickr and added info

about their styling and growing habits.  Steve Greaves Bonsai Photos on Flickr


Japanese Mountain Maple Bonsai Tree (Acer palmatum) Red Autumn Colours   Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree (Pinus thunbergii)

Steve Greaves Bonsai Tree Print at AllPosters.com


Left: Japanese Maple Acer Palmatum Bonsai Tree

Right: Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree.

Photos by Steve Greaves.

These 2 images are available to license exclusively through Getty Images:

Just click on the image to go to its info page then click on the black & white

Getty Images "g" logo below the list of tags.

Steve Greaves Bonsai Photo Print at AllPosters.com

One of my Bonsai Tree Photos is now available to buy from AllPosters.com.

The Japanese Black Pine (Pinus Thunbergii) Bonsai Tree photo/poster is

professionally to a very high quality and is available as a Giclee print, a Photo-

graphic Print, a Premium Photographic Print or a Stretched Canvas Print.

AllPosters offer a mounting and framing service for their prints.

Steve Greaves Bonsai Tree Print at AllPosters.com


Photographs of Steve Greaves

Photo of Steve Greaves at Persistance Works art studio complex in

Sheffield 2002 on a trip with Brinsworth Comprehensive School students

Photo by one of the students.











Steve Greaves in Camo, Photo by Derek Neal

Steve Greaves in camouflage at Potteric Carr nature reserve, Doncaster.

Photo by Derek Neal 2009.


Steve Greaves (with camera and sunburn), David Robinson (shades),

Simon Robinson and Katrin at Llyn Llech Owain, Wales.

Photo by Penny Robinson 28 July 2008.


Steve Greaves photo by Emilie Scholey   

Steve Greaves publicity photo used in an art exhibition

at Swinton Lock, Swinton, South Yorkshire.

Photo by Emilie Scholey 2003.


Steve Greaves, British painter, artist - photo by Amy Davenport     

A candid shot on the school playing fields.

Photo by Amy Davenport 2000.


Steve Greaves with Tashi Thondup

Steve Greaves (left) and Tashi on a bicycle trip to mid Wales.

Photo by Tashi Thondup (using self timer) 1990.


Steve Greaves photo by Huw Evans

Steve Greaves in the 99 Priory Street flat

in Carmarthen, South Wales with oil painting

The Railway Shed, and a stuffed Tawny Owl bought from

Barnsley 2nd hand market.

Photo Huw Evans, photography student 1984.


Steve Greaves photo

Steve Greaves moody self-portrait photo 1984.

Taken in the flat at 99 Priory Street, Carmarthen, Wales.


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