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This brief review of the website and

the work of Steve Greaves appeared

in the Barnsley Chronicle on 3 Aug



The article reads:


A Darfield artist has set up a web-

site to display his photorealistic

painting work.

Steve Greaves, 43, of Howard Street

specialises in lifelike painting,

although he has also created a num-

ber of expressionistic landscapes.

He said: "It's something I've always

enjoyed doing and it's always inspired 

me. I've had good feedback, and it

looks good at art exhibitions."

He bases most of his work on pho-

tographs he has taken himself, and

creates artwork using a process 

which can take hours to complete,

even for relatively small paintings.

He starts by enlarging the image

using a computer or photocopier, then

copies it with acetate.

He said: "Tracing is not an easy 

option. It can take days of intense 

accurate drawing to transfer a 

detailed image."

Buzzard - see Wildlife section

One of the paintings displayed on

his website, featuring a Buzzard, mea-

sures 20 x 30 inches and took him

months to complete. His latest por-

trait, of a girl named Carly, was the

product of about 50 hours' work.

Carly - see Portrait section

Steve's paintings will soon be on dis-

play in the cafe area of the Cooper

Gallery, and much of his work can be 

found on his website at .




Amy Davenport - see Portrait section

Amy Davenport

The painting seen in the photograph.

- see portrait section.







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Barnsley Chronicle 3 Aug 2006