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Top of Staithes

Acrylic Yorkshire Landscape Painting

Steve Greaves - Top of Staithes - landscape painting in acrylic
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Acrylic on Board 1999

12 x 7 ins



A Landscape Painting in Acrylics of the picturesque 

village of Staithes on the North East coast of England 

which lies next to the fishing port of Whitby.


The view is looking inland over the higgledy-piggledy 

rooftops of Staithes from the cliff path on the South side.


Acrylics Landscape Painting Technique:

Acrylic Paint is Dry-Brushed over a thickly applied, 

textured white Gesso ground with a coarse brush to 

give a dry, sandy, windswept feel.


You can't see the gulls but you can hear them echoing 

around the small fishing boats down below in the beck.


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