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Selina, Portrait of a Young Woman

Egg Tempera Painting by Steve Greaves

Steve Greaves - Selina - photorealism portrait painting in egg tempera

Portrait of Selina                                              enlarge

Egg Tempera on Masonite 1990

4.25 ins diameter

Private collection


A miniature portrait painting in a circular format using 

egg tempera, a medium favoured by Botticelli, and 

modern day American realist painter Andrew Wyeth.


Egg tempera is a painting medium produced by mixing

dry pigments with egg yolk and pure water. It is a paint

that pre-dates oils and Is perhaps the most permanent

of all painting mediums (ever tried scraping dried egg 

from a plate?).


The picture was painted in the traditional egg tempera 

manner using very fine cross-hatching and tiny brush-

strokes using a fine sable brush. Only small amounts 

of the paint can be mixed on the palette as it dries so



Painting in this medium is painstaking and slow - the guy

who commissioned the portrait had already moved on to 

hisnext girlfriend by the time it was completed.


It was executed in colour but I only have a black and white

photocopy which shows it before it was fully completed.


A signed card is available of this painting  click here









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