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Ryedale, Mauve

Watercolour Yorkshire Landscape Painting

Steve Greaves - Ryedale, Mauve  - watercolour landscape painting
Ryedale, Mauve                                                       enlarge

Watercolour on Paper

6 x 4 ins

Frame: Black with Antique Gold

Mount: White

Original Painting For Sale



A Watercolour Landscape Painting of a Moorland 

Scene in North Yorkshire with ethereal colours.


This painting was inspired by the experimental electronic band 

Autechre whose music can be disorientating and slightly alien 

yet at the same time strangely relaxing.


The mauve colour scheme and lightly applied Watercolour 

Washes give a sense of openness and light.


A Signed Greetings Card is available of this Painting   click here




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