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Ryedale Moor, Evening

Watercolour Yorkshire Landscape Painting

Steve Greaves - Ryedale, Evening - watercolour landscape painting
Ryedale Moor,  Evening                                            enlarge

Watercolour on Paper 2000

6 x 4 ins

Frame: Heavy Black & Antique Gold

Mount: Slate Grey

Private Collection



A moody Watercolour Landscape Painting of Ryedale 

Moor in North Yorkshire as the light fades. Behind the 

viewer is Fylingdales early warning radar installation.


Watercolour Landscape Painting Technique:

This small Landscape Painting was done using only  

two colours: Prussian Blue and Burnt Umber. 


The Wet-into-Wet Watercolour Technique emphasises the 

bleakness of the scene. I was aiming for a kind of old 

Masters feel, something like that of a Rembrandt etching.


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