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Doncaster Market 2

Ink & Watercolour Street Painting

Steve Greaves - Doncaster Market - watercolour landscape painting

Doncaster Market 2                                       enlarge

Ink & Watercolour on Paper

4 x 6 ins 2001

Frame: unframed

Mount: unmounted

Original Painting For Sale



An Ink and Watercolour Landscape/Townscape Painting 

of the Market building with outdoor stalls in Doncaster town 



Watercolour & Ink Drawing & Painting Technique:

The Drawing was done with a fine black pigment pen 

then loose Watercolour Washes of were floated on top 

with a Sable Paint Brush to give a light and airy feel.


Figures and details are rendered sparsely to indicate 

movement and the flickering light of an autumnal day.

The sky and shadow colours are Ultramarine Blue with 

a hint of Alizarin Crimson, and the buildings are Raw 

Sienna with Ultramarine mixed in for the darker tones.


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