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Doncaster Market

Ink & Watercolour Street Painting

Steve Greaves - Doncaster Market - watercolour landscape painting

Doncaster Market                                                         enlarge

Ink & Watercolour 2001

6 x 4 ins

Frame: Oak

Mount: cream & white



An ink and watercolour landscape painting of  the 

bustling outdoor market in Doncaster, South 


A sketchy drawing was done with a black pigment 

pen onto watercolour paper which was then painted

over with loose watercolour washes.


Although sunny, the shoppers' coats and the bare 

tree in the background indicate it was quite a chilly 

winter's day.


Note the white edges to the figures and market stall

items achieved by leaving the paper untouched by 

paint to indicate back-lighting.


The painting is 6" x 4" and the oak frame is 12" x 10".

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