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Moorland, Ryedale

Watercolour Landscape Painting

Steve Greaves - Moorland, Ryedale  - watercolour landscape painting
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Watercolour on Paper 2000

6 x 4 ins

Frame: unframed

Mount: unmounted

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A Watercolour Landscape Painting of the Moors at 

Ryedale between Pickering and Whitby in North Yorkshire


Watercolour Landscape Painting Technique:

This is one of a series of similarly composed Landscape 

Paintings given different painterly treatments. This 

painting has quite a light touch leaving much of the 

Watercolour Paper showing through.


I am pleased with the Wet-into-Wet Watercolour effect

in the sky which was achieved by running Watercolour 

Washes together with varying amounts of water. Mostly,

my attempts at this effect end in failure, but once in a 

while it comes together and doesn't end up in the bin.


As always, Artists' Quality Watercolor Paints are used 

with Ultramarine Blue and a hint of Paynes' Grey for the sky 

and distant hills. The foreground is Olive Green with a touch 

of Burnt Sienna for warmth.


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