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Description:  Portraits, Landscapes, Wildlife, Sports and Toys

Paintings in Photorealism, Impressionism and Expressionism

styles using Watercolours, Oils and Acrylics. 


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  Photorealism Posters & Prints Links


Click on the Allposters banner above or use the Allposters search box below -

to find Posters and Prints by specific Artists and Art Movements.

Find Photorealism Painters such as:

Richard Estes, Charles Bell, Ronald Kleeman, Ralph Goings, Chuck Close,

Ben Schonzeit, John Baeder, Tom Blackwell and Audrey Flack.

Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree (Pinus thunbergii)

Steve Greaves Bonsai Tree Print at AllPosters.com


  Artists'  Links


Cicely Mary Barker

Moffatt Vintage Fairy Prints.

Beautiful, affordable Antique Prints of

Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairy Art.

Moffatt Vintage Fairy Prints - Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairy art


Stuart Brocklehurst

Wildlife with Pen and Brush.

A Wildlife Artist's Visual Diary Blog by one

of my old College friends at Dyfed College of Art.


Alistair Butt 

Landscapes and Marine Paintings in Oils and 

Watercolour. Lots of Painting Info & useful links.


Terry Chipp

Contemporary Conceptual Paintings and 

Mixed Media Collages in Abstract Styles

based on direct observation and personal experience.

Educational Workshops.


John Cuttriss /Art-tek   

Pinhole Photography, Art Installations

Educational Workshops.


Gilles Esnault

French Photorealist painter.

Highly detailed Paintings of Street Scenes,

Still Lives, Portraits and Landscapes.


Georgina Ettridge

Designer Jewellery.

Distinctive Handmade Sterling Silver 

& Gold Jewellery Inspired by Nature.

Georgina Ettridge - Designer Jewellery Inspired by Nature


Randy Ford

American Photorealist painter

Specializing in urban subject and 

Americana using Oils and Acrylics.


Marcel Franquelin

French Realist painter working in USA. 

Highly detailed Paintings of Portraits, Nudes,

Still Lives and Landscapes. Various media.


Georita Harriott

Fine quality Limited Edition contemporary

Botanical Prints by Georita Harriott who works

for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London.

Here is a Lavender book illustrated by Georita:


Linda Hoard

American Photorealist Painter.

Highly detailed Photorealism Paintings 

of Flowers, Still Lives and  Portraits.


Stephen Johnson

Watercolour Art Inspired by the fascinating beauty

of the West Country & scenes from picturesque Britain.


David Mather / Parkwoodstudio

Featuring Fine Art Watercolour Paintings and

Oil Paintings mostly depicting the mysterious and

rugged moors of Dartmoor, and scenes of Devon

and Cornwall's coastline. 


Penny Robinson

Portraits, and Drawings of Medieval Re-enactments

in Pencil. Penny also runs Foure Fryendes, who

specialise in authentic Medieval entertainment.

Penny Robinson / silverleafgallery


Room 13   

A groundbreaking Scottish Art Studio run as a 

business by junior school students, employing their 

own Artist in Residence


Rudy Sparkuhl    

German Photorealism Painter living in Canada. 

Highly detailed Paintings of cars, streetcars, 

street scenes and still lives.


Zeljko Srdic 

Zelzko Srdic is a Serbian Photorealist / Hyperrealist Painter.

Marine-life, Wildlife, Landscapes, and Portraits with some 

impressive Comic Book Art relating to the Alien Films

and Braveheart.


Sally Timms    

Modern Paintings England UK - Contemporary Paintings -

Acrylic Paintings - Abstract Paintings, Giclee Prints.

Sally Timms Art in UK offers Modern Paintings and Contemporary

Paintings for Sale. Abstract Paintings, Acrylic Paintings, Giclee Prints,

Watercolour Paintings, Art Drawings and Oil Paintings on Canvas.


  Art Materials Links



At ArtDiscount we supply Art Supplies, Craft Materials,

Easels & Artist / Graphic Accessories.



Trusted by Artists Worldwide.

A vast range of high quality Paints, Brushes, 

Papers and other Artists' Materials.


Great Art UK

The UK's largest selection of Quality 

Art Materials online.


  Art Galleries, Shops, Directories



Art Gallery Oil Paintings For You

Oil Painting Reproduction on Canvas.100% Hand-made

World famous oil paintings reproduction. You can order

any painting from our online gallery and it will be hand

painted and delivered to you in less than two weeks.


Art Gallery Worldwide

Fine Art Gallery - oil painting, abstract art, landscape art

Artwork by thousands of Artists in Abstract Art

Landscape Art, Oil Painting and many other styles 

and media. Website has service to Buy and Sell Art.


 Art Shopper

Art-shopper Art galleries in London, Manchester, Birmingham and the UK

The largest single listing of private Art Galleries 

in the UK - listing 1800+ Galleries and growing.


John Bennet Fine Paintings

Oil Paintings - Decorative Oil Paintings.

London Art Gallery - Art Specialist UK.

International Art Dealer John Bennett offers English Paintings,

European Oil Paintings, Portrait Paintings, Still Life, Animals,

Birds, Impressionist Paintings, Landscape Paintings, Marine,

Genre, Trompe L'oeile, Hunting & Shooting, Architectural

and Victorian Paintings.


Turner Bennett

Turner Bennett Modernism - Modern Oil Paintings UK:

British Paintings, American Paintings, European Paintings.

Modern Art and Contemporary Art supplier in UK offers Modern Oil Paintings

like British Paintings, American Paintings, European Paintings, Watercolour

Paintings, Expressionist Painting, Abstract Painting, Cubist Painting, etc.

Contemporary Oil Paintings and Art Collection in UK.


Best Net Sites

A good, clearly designed directory

with some great Art Links


British Arts

A comprehensive online resource 

for Artists and Art Buyers.


The Canon Gallery   

Oil Paintings -  British Paintings - European Paintings - Victorian Paintings. 

The Canon Gallery in UK provides Oil Paintings and Contemporary Paintings

such as Modern British Paintings, European Paintings and Victorian Paintings.

Our Stock mainly includes Watercolours Paintings, Impressionist Paintings,

Marine Paintings, Still Life Paintings, Marine Paintings, Animal Paintings and

Bird Paintings.


Cooper Gallery, Barnsley   

Art Gallery with changing Art Exhibitions

its own Art Collection, shop and cafe - in my

home town of Barnsley, South Yorkshire.


DMOZ Open Directory    

Massive internet directory features

Photorealist Artists and Paintings.



galleryonthe.net - online art gallery

Online Art Gallery of professional and emerging Artists.

Includes Photorealism Paintings by Steve Greaves.


Meisel Gallery, New York, USA 

American Photorealism Art Gallery run by Louis K. Meisel.

Photorealism Paintings by Famous Photorealist Painters.



Original Oil Paintings - Fine Art Oil Paintings - Art Gallery Paintings.

Stewart Gallery, an online Fine Art Gallery is specialized in providing

Original Oil Paintings, Fine Art Oil Paintings, Italian Paintings,

Collectors Paintings, Contemporary English Paintings.

Landscape Paintings, Still Life Paintings, etc by Oil Painting Artists.


Canvas Art Prints by Visual Escape

Visual Escape is an Online Art Gallery specialising in High Quality

Limited Edition Canvas Prints, we have a large variety of Floral Prints,

Abstract Canvas Art and Modern Wall Art.


Wholesale Art Mall

Wholesale Art Mall offers 100% Hand-Painted Oil Paintings, Oil Painting

Reproductions on Canvas. We sell Abstract, Impressionist, Landscape,

Floral & Garden, etc. Oil Paintings, Custom Portraits from Photos.


World Classic Gallery

Art Reproductions, Oil Paintings.

Hand Painted Art Reproductions of Famous Oil Paintings.


  Publishers & Book Clubs Links


Artists' Choice Book Club

Artists' Choice Book Club

The Independent Book Club for Practising Artists.     

I am a member of this book club and regularly buy

discounted books from them - They send out a quarterly 

catalogue - Highly Recommended.           


Temple Press    

Publisher of creative writings.

Authors include: Genesis P-Orridge, Z'ev, Ira Cohen,

Gerard Malanga, Angus Maclise, Andrew McKenzie etc.

I have produced Graphic Design work for Temple Press.



  Wildlife & Gardening Links


International Wildlife Consultancy Agency    

Information about Falconry & Hawking etc.



Organic Herbicides, 

Organic Personal Care Product,

Natural Organic Plant Food.

Organic Gardening Shop proudly offers a complete line of 

all-organic gardening products such as herbicides, fertilizers, 

insect and pest control, orange oil and biostimulants.

Our Solution Finder helps identify bugs and insects, weeds,

diseases and wildlife problems, with pictures, descriptions 

and remedies.



  Motorbikes & Scooters


Dearne Valley Scooter Club - (DVSC)

Dearne Valley Scooter Club



South Yorkshire





Steve Greaves

Robin Cards

on Amazon



Bird Prints



Whitby Abbey


Art Postcard


Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree (Pinus thunbergii)

Steve Greaves Bonsai Tree

Print at AllPosters.com



Steve Greaves

Trafalgar Square

London Postcard


Steve Greaves

Photos on Flickr

Steve Greaves' items Go to Steve Greaves' photostream



Paintings Book




Steve Greaves uses

Nikon D300 Camera.

You can get yours here:


Photorealism Posters

at AllPosters



Chuck Close

Photorealism Portrait

Painting Book




Photo Book by

Andrew Zuckerman






Of The Year

Photo Book



Richard Estes

Photorealism Painter










Art & Photography- Recommended Books









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