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Leslie Ash - Ink Drawing

Steve Greaves - Leslie Ash - ink portrait drawing

Leslie Ash                                               enlarge

Ink on Paper 1990

2.75 x 4 ins

Frame: none

Mount: none

Original Artwork For Sale



This small black and white Portrait Painting / Drawing in

Ink of a young looking Leslie Ash of the BBC hit television 

comedy series Men Behaving Badly is based on a Photo 

which appeared in the TV listings section of a British tabloid 

newspaper. Leslie Ash starred alongside Martin Clunes

and Neil Morrisey in the comedy series.


Portrait Painting / Drawing Technique:

The Portrait Drawing of Leslie Ash is done in a kind of

2000AD Comic Strip style.  First the outline of Leslie

Ash's face and facial details were carefully drawn with a very

fine Rotring Technical Drawing Pen then a sharply

pointed Sable Paint Brush was used to fill in the dark areas

with black Rotring Drawing Ink. The Paper used is a

light-weight Cartridge Drawing Paper.


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