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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Artwork

David Beckham Key Chain (Detail of Work in Progress) - Photorealism Painting by Steve Greaves


Why Paint Photorealism Paintings?

Maybe its to do with craftsmanship which is not always highly valued

in Art today. It could be that there is something slightly perverse and

Anti-Art going on. For both the Artist and the viewer there is more than

a hint of meditation, an experience that crosses the time-space divide

and makes irrelevant the amount of hours involved in producing a piece

of Art of this super-real nature.



Why Paint such Diverse Subject Matter?

Chaffinch (Background Detail) - Photorealism Painting by Steve Greaves

Most of my Artwork tends to fall into three main categories: Portraits, 

Animals and Landscapes. My earliest interest was in Wildlife and Birds, 

and Wildlife Illustration is what I studied in Art College. Portrait Painting

is always a challenge - it is satisfying for an Artist to achieve a likeness and 

to capture aspects of a person's personality. The spontaneously painted

Landscape Paintings are a way of letting off steam and in a way are more 

personal to me than some of the highly finished Photorealism Paintings.



Where do you Exhibit your Paintings?

I normally Exhibit my Paintings close to where I live in the South Yorkshire 

area. I have had a couple of one-man shows recently which were well received,

and have exhibited with other Artists at various Art Spaces, including the

South Yorkshire Open Art Exhibition which is held annually at the Cooper 

Gallery in Barnsley.


I exhibited several times in Wales during the 1980's with other Artists at

venues including St. David's Hall in Cardiff.

(Birds in Art in Wales exhibition with the RSPB).



Where else is your Art shown on the Internet?

Steve Greaves Art and Photos can also be seen at the following locations:


Flickr (Photos) - Steve Greaves Flickr Photostream

Getty Images (Photos) -

Charles Saatchi Gallery (Paintings) - Saatchi Gallery

Galleryonthe.net Gallery  (Paintings) - Galleryonthe.net

Penny Robinson Gallery (Paintings) - Silverleafgallery

Temple Press (Graphic Design) - Temple Press

Facebook (General Info) - Steve Greaves on Facebook



Who Collects your Artwork?

My Paintings are collected by bank managers, town councils,

the British Ministry of Defence, teachers, members of the clergy,

art gallery staff, the general public, and other Artists.

A set of my Limited Edition Bird Prints was bought at auction

by Linda Hatfield, the wife of the late Bobby Hatfield of the duo

The Righteous Brothers.

I heard a rumour that Tate Galleries had acquired my painting 

Monk Bretton Priory, an Expressionist style palette knife Painting.

I don't think that is actually true but I would love to know the current

whereabouts of the Painting.



What are your Future Plans?

I see the Artwork I have produced to this date and the recently formed 

website as a basic foundation on which to build.

My intention is to produce a series of major Paintings suitable for Art

Gallery display and there are several new image ideas currently being

worked on.


Here are a couple of working titles as tasters:


Tate Modern Cafe - a study of Reflections, Abstract Shapes and Spaces.

Whitby Amusements - a Seaside Amusement Arcade.


These Artworks will be larger and more ambitious than anything which

I have previously attempted.


The spontaneous Painting Studies will continue to be produced 

whenever possible.


The occasional commission may be considered.


Do you have any questions you would like answering?

If so please get in touch  Contact







Steve Greaves

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Steve Greaves uses

Nikon D300 Camera.

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