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Dizzy Gillespie

Steve Greaves - Dizzy Gillespie - scraperboard portrait

Dizzy Gillespie                                                        enlarge

Scraperboard  Drawing 1990

6 x 4 ins

whereabouts unknown


This small portrait drawing of the Jazz Musician Dizzy Gillespie

was produced as an illustration for the book Into The Wind

by Buddhist writer Tashi.  Dizzie Gillespie was a legendary

Jazz Trumpet Player.


This Illustration of Gillespie was based upon a photo in a book 

and is simplified to almost a logo like quality.


Scraperboard is a kind of cardboard which is coated with

a white chalky gesso-like substance and then overlaid with a 

black ink or paint. It is available in most arts and craft shops.


Scraperboard Drawing Technique:

The outline of the Dizzie Gillespie Image was first Drawn/Scored 

with a needle-like point such as a compass point and then

the white areas where scraped out of the black using a 

round bladed scalpel. Artwork produced in Scraperboard

tends to be very high contrast although this Art Medium 

is capable of holding very fine hairline sharp detail.


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Dizzie Gillespie 

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