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Naheem Khan

Portrait Painting by Steve Greaves

Steve Greaves - Naheem Khan - portrait painting

Naheem Khan                                    enlarge

Naheem Khan Portrait Painting

Acrylic on Board 2003

14 x 18 ins

Frame: heavy antique dark gold

Mount: unmounted

Original Painting For Sale



A Portrait Painting in Acrylics of work colleague 

Naheem Khan, who worked at the same school 

as myself as a race relations officer where about 

13% of the pupils are of Asian origin. Naheem  

has recently become a fully qualified teacher. 


The Painting shows Naheem before a drastic haircut 

and without his usual adornments of Gucci products.


Portrait Painting Technique:

The Acrylic Paint is applied quite thinly and built up in 

semi-transparent glazes almost like a Watercolour 

Painting. I used Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold Paint 

Brushes which have just the right amount of firmness 

and flexibility for this type of Painting Technique.


Occasionally I do bodybuilding weight training with 

Naheem's dentist brother Saffie at Temple Gym in 

Wombwell, the next village to where I live.


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