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Ian McMillan The Barnsley Poet

Portrait Painting by Steve Greaves

Steve Greaves - Ian McMillan - portrait painting

"Hi there: yep I saw the picture... excellent!

You've captured me well there".

 Ian McMillan

 Ian McMillan The Barnsley Poet                 enlarge image

Acrylic Portrait Painting on Board  2003

4 x 5 ins

Frame: silver metal

Mount: white

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This small Acrylic Portrait Painting of The Barnsley Poet Ian 

McMillan was supposed to be a rough study for a larger Painting 

but I like it enough not to bother doing a bigger version.


Ian McMillan is a Funny Poet, Television and BBC Radio 

Four personality known for his broad Yorkshire accent. He is 

seen on Have I Got News For You and Newsnight Review.


Ian McMillan came into the school where I work one day to do a 

Poetry Workshop with some year 8 students and I got chance 

to photograph him in action. One of the photographs was used 

in the local newspaper.


There is no pencil drawing in this Painting. It was quickly drawn 

with a brush using cobalt blue. Then it was built up using a kind 

of Lucien Freud Painting style without too much blending. Ian

had a blue shirt on which didn't work so I painted over it with grey-



This Portrait Painting of Ian McMillan has received a couple of

Painting Art  Awards - it was commended by the judges at the

South Yorkshire Open Art Exhibition and was awarded 1st prize

in the advanced section of the Swinton Lock Art Exhibition 2003.


Ian Mc Millan lives in the same village as myself - Darfield,  

Barnsley, and we share the same barber -  Mad Geoff.



Check out Ian McMillan's website:




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