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Steve Greaves 2000 photo - photographer unknown

Steve Greaves

Photorealism Paintings

Paintings / Photography / Graphic Design

This website illustrates and describes over 100 pieces of artwork 

by British artist / painter Steve Greaves produced over the past

30 years. It contains around 350 pages of art images and information

with new items being added regularly. 


Paintings by Steve Greaves

A Celebration of the Ordinary


The paintings fall into 2 main categories: 


1. Photorealism Paintings - detailed paintings, some more highly

finished than others. These are Birds, Wildlife, Portraits, Sports

and Toy paintings.


2. Impressionism / Expressionism Paintings - loosely painted

pictures. Mainly Landscapes but also includes some Wildlife

and Portrait paintings.



Photorealism Paintings

David Beckham Key Ring - Photorealism Toy Painting by Steve Greaves

David Beckham Key Ring  - Toy Paintings


Most of my artwork is based on photographic reference, 

usually my own but sometimes taken from the mass media 

or supplied by people who commission paintings or drawings. 


Influences on my Photorealism Paintings include the well

known American Photorealists such as Chuck Close, Ralph 

Goings, Richard Estes and Randy Ford.

Popular American Realist painter Andrew Wyeth and New 

Zealand bird painter Raymond Harris Ching have also greatly 

influenced my work.


The Photorealism Painting Techniques section covers all aspects 

of the production of the artwork from taking reference photos 

and transferring the drawings onto board or paper, to the actual

painting process and the framing of the finished artworks.

For a full list of my paintings see the Chronology page.


Impressionism / Expressionism Paintings

Steve Greaves - Wentworth Corn Field - expressionist landscape painting

Wentworth Corn Field  - Landscape Paintings


A series of mainly Landscapes and Townscape Paintings painted in looser

styles associated more with Impressionism and Expressionism than with

Photorealism. Any underlying drawing is gestural and the paint is applied

spontaneously with a sense of freedom and experimentation.


See also Wildlife Paintings section.


Photography by Steve Greaves

Steve Greaves Photos on Flickr

I started uploading my best photos to Flickr in June 2008 and I

continue to add new photos as well as images from my archives regularly.

My Flickr Photostream now contains nearly 1,500 images of subjects such as

wildlife and natural history subjects, architecture, people and toys.

Many of my photos have been published in books and leaflets and as posters

and prints, and used in museum displays.


Steve Greaves Photos at Getty Images

Robin (Erithacus rubecula) in the Snow, Bilham Wood, South Yorkshire

Robin in the snow - photo by Steve Greaves

27 of my photos are now available to license exclusively through Getty Images.

They are mainly natural history subjects such as birds, animals and bonsai trees.

All of my photos are available for Request to License via Getty Images .

Here's a link to my photo set which is part of the Getty Images Flickr Collection:

Steve Greaves Getty Images on Flickr


Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree (Pinus thunbergii)

Steve Greaves Bonsai Tree Print at


I plan to add a new section about my Photography Techniques and equipment

to this website sometime in the near future...



Graphic Design by Steve Greaves


Steve Greaves - Ratio:3 - book cover design               

Graphic Design examples of book covers, leaflets, brochures,

magazine designs etc. can be seen in the Collaborations section. 

Including  artwork produced for Temple Press, Impact Magazine,

Brinsworth Comprehensive School Science College, and also

contemporary artists such as John Cuttriss. Many of the designs

incorporate photos by Steve Greaves.


Art for Sale - Original Paintings / Prints / Cards

You can buy several items here on this website direct from the Artist:

Original Paintings    Limited Edition Prints   Signed Greetings Cards


Steve Greaves On The Web

Steve Greaves Art and Photography can also be seen on the following websites:

Steve Greaves on Ebay  Steve Greaves on EBAY


-    Steve Greaves Flickr Photostream


Steve Greaves Photos at Getty Images

Getty Images (Photos) - Steve Greaves at Getty Images

Charles Saatchi Gallery (Paintings) - Steve Greaves at SaatchiOnline Gallery  (Paintings) - Steve Greaves at

Temple Press (Graphic Design) - Temple Press / Everything is Permuted


Steve Greaves Artist Photographer on Facebook

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Facebook (General Info & Images) - Steve Greaves on Facebook


AllPosters (Photos) - Steve Greaves at AllPosters






Goshawk, Peregrine Falcon & Blackbird

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Whitby Abbey



Trafalgar Square

London Postcard


Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree (Pinus thunbergii)

Steve Greaves Bonsai Tree

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