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Amy Davenport

Photorealism Painting

By Steve Greaves

Steve Greaves - Amy Davenport - photorealism portrait painting

Amy Davenport                                                  enlarge

Acrylic on Gesso Primed MDF Board 2003

24 x 14 ins

Frame: 2 x 2 ins rough-sawn timber painted black

Mount: unmounted

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This Photorealism Portrait Painting is of Amy 

Davenport, an A-level Art student who I photographed 

a couple of times for a modelling competition (which 

she won).


I used one of the Photos to produce this Portrait 

Painting which is done using a kind of simplified  

Photorealism Painting Technique.


The dark areas of the Portrait and the background 

were painted in first and in the early stages the Picture  

looked like the dvd box cover for the Stanley Kubrik 

film  Clockwork Orange.


Amy's face and hair were built up in subtle transparent 

layers of thin Acrylic Paint in a kind of  Watercolour Style  

with the white Gesso Ground reflecting through the Paint

giving a vibrant glow to the Portrait.


The Portrait Painting was commended by the judges at 

the South Yorkshire Open Art Exhibition 2003.



Photorealism Painting Technique:

See how this painting was done:

Photorealism Painting Techniques


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